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Beachcombers Corvette Club


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Membership Information

Dear Potential New Member,

      I would like to tell you a little bit of what will happen when you join the largest Corvette Club in the Tidewater area.  First, I will get our new member packet to you.  Enclosed will be a letter from our President, welcoming you to the club, and giving you some important information.  Also enclosed will be a club roster, with names and phone numbers of our members, our Standing Rules, and our Constitution.  Once I receive your application and dues, I will send your email address to the Executive Board, who will put you on our club email listing.  You should expect reminders and announcements on upcoming events, as well as other important information, so please check your email frequently.  You also can check our Club Calendar page for upcoming events.

       If you move, or any of your information on your application changes, please let me know so I can update the roster and your email if necessary.  Please see the membership application for a prorated dues schedule.  In addition to your membership with Beachcombers, your dues pay for your membership with the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC).  The NCCC is a nationwide affiliation of member clubs forming a sanctioning body that oversees competition programs and provides a uniform rulebook for all clubs to compete (race and show) by.  I will be sending the NCCC your information within a few weeks after I receive your application and dues.  Please allow an additional 60 days for them to send you their welcome package.  Feel free to visit the Eastern Region NCCC Web Site for more information. 

     Once you join, this is your club, and it is what you make it.  Please participate in as many events as you can.  You will make new friends and enjoy camaraderie with other Corvette enthusiasts.  We have a wide variety of people in our club, from car show lovers, to race fans, to some very technical mechanics.  To quote one of our previous Presidents, “It has been my experience that if you participate in Club activities you will receive MORE benefit than the efforts you put into it.”  His words are true.  Enjoy your club.  Please email me with any questions you may have, and again, I want to be able to say "Welcome to the club!"


Joel Wolf
V.P. Membership/NCCC Governor

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Please click below for our application.

BCC Membership Application (Excel format)

BCC Membership Application (Adobe format)

Please click below for the NCCC application.

BCC/NCCC Membership Application (Adobe format)


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